The Afrocentric Street Food Festival is a vibrant celebration of the exclusivity of the African and the Diasporan street food and culinary art. Over 500 of the best street food vendors from across africa and the diaspora will travel to Ghana to present their food stalls to visitors and participants of the festival alike. the Afrocentric Street Food Festival aims to not only specifically highlight the amazing flavors and dishes across the continent and the diaspora but to showcase how similar our flavours, cooking techniques, etc  are and the beauty and similarity that lies in our cultural diversities. it also seeks to promote street food and to confirm the identity of street food vendors, which is closely linked with preserving and promoting the social-cultural and economic development.

The time has come to buckle yourself up and enjoy the different flavors of Africa and the Diaspora. The onset of the Afrocentric Street Food Festival promises and is all about relishing the diverse flavors of Africa and the African Diapora. If you are a foodie, then, this is no less than a paradise for you where you will get to explore scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.


During the festival, Ghana will welcome to it’s capital, Accra food lovers and vendors from across the continent and the diaspora with open arms to the hub of great food. It is worthy to note that at this event, over 500 street food vendors from throughout the continent and the diaspora will gather in one place, offering some of the most lip-smacking street food items, desserts, and whatnot. At the fest, one can see rows of food items lined up all waiting to be devoured by the food lovers.

This yearly event will be heavly majorly because of its positive impact of promoting and preserving our food culture and identity. It presents a platform where people get to know better about the food items of other African countries and the diaspora while relishing in their taste.