ACCRA SPOKEN WORD SLAM FESTIVAL is the biggest, brightest, most superlatively international celebration of spoken word in the Ghana. Spoken word artists from all over Ghana gather on this independent platform to perform and listen to spoken words and poetry. Contemporary literary titans stand alongside upcoming talents to illuminate a thrillingly electric mix of performances.


Accra Spoken Word Slam Festival aims to provide a platform to budding spoken word artists to showcase their ability and talent. The competition is open in English and combination of English and local dialects to both adults and children. It is an opportunity to get creative and let your imagination run wild. It’s all yours at the Accra Spoken Word Slam Festival – dig deep into interesting ideas, take in poetry over a pint, craft your own writing style, or showcase your skills in the slam.


The Accra Spoken Word Slam Festival is a three round performance poetry competition.

Poets are given three minutes to read their own original work.

Top ten poets from the first round will advance to the second round.

Subsequently, the top five from the second round will also advance to the final round.

Competitors are prohibited from using animal acts, props, or musical accompaniment. Five random judges from the audience score each round on a scale of 0-10. The highest and lowest scores for each poet, in each round, are dropped. The poet with the highest cumulative score is the winner.

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